Natural Route Health

Natural Route Health is a Naturopathic Medical Clinic in Kingston, ON.

Our practitioners will help you achieve your health goals including better quality sleep, increased energy, balanced hormones, and optimal digestion so that you can be your healthiest self.

 Common concerns we help patients with include thyroid conditions, stress management/adrenal dysfunction, food intolerances & Irritable Bowel Syndrome. We also have practitioners that focus on women’s hormone balance, such as fertility, PMS, and menopause.

Our goal is to improve your health and vitality by getting to the root cause of your concerns.


Our Roots

Learn how our Naturopaths use collaborative, alternative medicine to help you achieve your health goals. With help from our Naturopathic healthcare practitioners, you get the best of modern scientific knowledge and traditional healing.


Our Routes

View all of our Naturopathic services, including treatment of hypothyroidism, depression, adrenal fatigue, fertility, & more. Each service is designed to improve your health, focusing on what is most important to you. Did you know that we offer acupuncture? Bio-identical hormone therapy?


our mission is to help you

Make Connections.

Find Solutions.

Feel Empowered.


Our Clinic

Located off of Bath Road in Kingston’s west end, our clinic has been designed to facilitate your healing journey. Our consultation rooms are comfortable and private, and our reception area has fun activities for young children. The clinic has ample parking and is along a main bus route.

Natural Route Health works in partnership with Forever Young Chiropractic and Deep Rooted Massage to provide integrative, cooperative health care in one location.

We look forward to being part of your health care team and helping you to become your healthiest self!


Health News

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