Yeast Infections

Sometimes it’s necessary to take antibiotics, but for many women, taking antibiotics is a surefire way to get a yeast infection. That’s because antibiotics kill all bacteria, good and bad. Every person’s vagina is populated with good bacteria, just like our digestive tracts. The most common bacteria found in the vagina are Lactobacillus, the same stuff in yoghurt, and the most common bacteria to be found in probiotic supplements.

You have probably already heard that it’s important to take a probiotic supplement every time you take an antibiotic, but did you know that probiotic vaginal suppositories are also available?

At KNRH we recommend vaginal probiotic suppositories both to prevent and to treat yeast infections.

It’s not always easy to find vaginal probiotic suppositories, believe it or not, but some drugstores and health food stores do carry them. Purfem, is one brand that you can buy on-line and have shipped to you.

Using a vaginal suppository is a lot like using a tampon, except that you do not have to remove the suppository because it dissolves and comes out on its own. All you do is wash your hands, and take one ovule and push it high into your vagina using a finger.

For some people, the idea of using anything that needs to be put inside the vagina is off-putting. Rest assured that it is something that many people do, and that it is something you can get used to.

To prevent yeast infection, use the suppository each day that you take your antibiotics, and for about a week afterwards.