Keep Eating Organic

Dr. Andrea Hilborn, ND Organic food took a hit recently when media outlets reported the findings of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The CFIA found pesticide residue on more than half the organic produce they tested. Despite these disappointing findings, we still recommend organic food over non-organic. The best option of all is to buy from a local, organic producer. Organic produce shipped in from California comes from heavily irrigated fields. The water they use is probably the source of pesticide contamination. Even if the organic produce you eat today isn't free of pesticides, you are voting with your dollar- promoting practices that don't use pesticides, so our future can have less pesticides in it! Furthermore, organic produce has consistently been found to be more nutritious. A recent study of organic dairy found that compared to conventional milk, organic milk had a higher concentration of heart healthy fats. The researchers thought this was probably because the cows grazed more. In Kingston we happen to have a great source of local organic dairy at the Limestone Organic Creamery. Keep eating organic for your health and for the health of the environment.