An estimated 10-15% of couples in Canada suffer from infertility. At Kingston Natural Route Health, we offer natural infertility treatment, including acupuncture for infertility. The process begins with an assessment that looks for many different reasons why conception might not be occurring.

We do not see infertility as a black and white condition, but rather a spectrum ranging from subfertile to fertile. We assist patients to move far enough along the spectrum so that conception becomes possible.

There may be multiple reasons for infertility, and we try to treat the area that will produce the greatest benefit first, then move on to the next issue until we are successful.

When undergoing infertility treatment for male-female partners, both the man and woman should be assessed. Sometimes infertility is due to female factors, sometimes it is due to male factors, and sometimes it is a combination of male and female factors.

Infertility treatment with naturopathic medicine usually results in improving overall health, because all body systems are connected. For example, if you have irregular periods, one goal of treatment would be to regulate your cycle. Regular cycles are associated with lower risk of heart disease, breast cancer and osteoporosis.

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