Explore Your Creativity!


Originally posted on: http://www.kingstonist.com/2013/09/12/explore-your-creativity-24225/

Be creative. Whether you attend school or not, the new academic year often feels like a fresh start for the community: a time to get into routine, establish new goals, and be social. With this underlying sense of a new beginning, I challenge you to be more creative this week. Exploring your creativity does not mean that you have to paint a colourful picture or sculpt a beautiful vase, although those are fulfilling ways for some. Being creative may mean adventuring out somewhere new, taking photos, writing in a journal, reading poetry, learning a new skill, or meditating. There’s no right or wrong way and everyone can be creative. It’s about finding something that ignites your inner passion and brings out your playful side. Studies have shown that being more creative improves wellbeing by increasing positive emotions, can help to reduce stress, and can improve positive identity and social networks (American Journal of Public Health, 2010). This week, have fun and be creative! ~Alanna