Build and Strengthen Relationships

Originally published on the Build and Strengthen Relationships! The Beatles once said: “All You Need Is Love” and, in a sense, they were right. Love is a powerful emotion that at times can be challenging but when given and received in a healthy relationship can significantly benefit your health. This week’s challenge is to put a little effort into building new or strengthening existing relationships. It’s been well documented that happily married individuals have a longer life expectancy, but did you know that even having a supportive friend significantly decreases your risk of mortality? People with greater social support have less cardiovascular disease, stronger immune systems, and are less stressed. A 2007 study published in the medical journal Human Communication Research showed that writing about one’s affections for loved ones significantly decreased total cholesterol levels – a wonderful excuse to write that special someone a love letter this Valentine’s Day! The challenge is on Kingston: boost your happiness and improve your health through acts of kindness and love.