What makes naturopathic infertility treatment different from conventional treatment?

By Dr. Andrea Hilborn, ND

The philosophy of my practice is to support the body in doing what it is naturally meant to do. I believe that this should be first-line treatment for infertility, with medications and assisted reproduction being offered if naturopathic support has not been sufficient.

From a naturopathic perspective, you cannot improve your fertility without improving your overall health. In fact, menstrual cycle patterns can be a sensitive indicator of overall health. When you come to a naturopath for infertility treatment, you will find that your overall health will improve as a side benefit.

You don't need a referral to initiate care with a naturopathic doctor. This means you can start working on your fertility as soon as you are ready to, as opposed to waiting for your family doctor to agree to refer you, and then waiting to get your appointment at the fertility clinic. There are no thresholds to qualify for infertility treatment with a naturopath. If you want help, you will get help.

Naturopathic and conventional treatment can and should be pursued simultaneously. There are many things a naturopathic doctor cannot do that a conventional fertility specialist can. Imaging tests, prescriptions and assisted reproductive technologies for example. I believe that all options should be on the table and none should be excluded based on whether they are 'natural' or not. The point is to have a baby, not to win a philosophical debate!