It's Time To Plan A Vacation!


by Dr. Alanna Kuhn, ND

Plan a vacation. Let’s face it most people need more time to relax. Work can be demanding, the to-do lists are endless, and someone else needs us whether it’s kids, parents, or friends. The responsibilities are large and it’s very easy to find reasons not to. This week, I challenge you to plan a vacation. It doesn’t have to involve getting on a plane and flying to the Caribbean but it does have to include pure relaxation time. Taking a vacation reduces stress and the risk of burnout, and improves immune system functioning, which is ever more important now that cold and flu season is upon us. Feeling relaxed and rejuvenated has also been shown to improve intellectual function. Did you know that Canada ranks third last in paid vacation time and that many Canadians do not use all of their vacation days? Considering that the average person is allotted two weeks that means most people are spending less than 4% of their year on vacation. It’s time to kick back, relax, and unplug! ~Alanna

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