Communicate Better Through Listening


By Dr. Alanna Kuhn, ND

Strengthen your communication skills by lending an ear to someone in need! The idea of listening to someone sounds so simple! Yet many people go through life not feeling heard. In school, we are extensively taught to read and write but there is not as much emphasis put on listening as part of effective communication. This week, I challenge you to speak less and listen more. Try understanding others on a deeper level by putting yourself in their shoes and taking interest in what they have to say. Given, not all conversations require such level of empathic listening but when the opportunity arises, which is more often than one might think, take it! Through empathic listening, we build trust and respect, decrease stress and tension, increase the speaker’s self-esteem and confidence, and allow the person in need to release their emotions. We all want to be acknowledged and heard on some level and when we do this for others they will (hopefully) in turn be there for us when we need it. ~Alanna

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