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When one door closes...

Three years ago, Dr. Andrea and I joined forces to create a Naturopathic medical clinic that strived to provide integrative, preventative, and empowered health care to our patients. With open hearts and lots of hard work we successfully reached our goal. We are both excited and saddened as the next step of the KNRH journey involves a major life change; one where Dr. Andrea pursues her career in farming and motherhood. 

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Beware some weight loss supplements

Dr. Oz’s sterling reputation has helped him promote a number of weight loss supplements, but now his reputation is taking on some tarnish. In his own words, referring to the weight loss supplements he has promoted, “Oftentimes they don’t have the scientific muster to present as fact.”

Over the next four columns, I’ll first talk about two weight loss supplement scams, then two weight loss supplement stars. Weight loss supplement scams don’t work and may cause harm. Weight loss supplement stars won’t cause you to start dropping pounds magically, but they may correct problems that can prevent weight loss.

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